Essential Safety Measures 101 – Part 4, Taking Action

Essential Safety Measures


Welcome to the final part of Essential Safety Measures 101, in this Article we look at how you can put into action topics from Part 1, 2 and 3 in this series.  


Part 4 of 4

Essential Safety Measures – Taking Action:

Ensure that you are armed with the right information when it comes to the Essential Safety Measures of your building.

The Occupancy Permit or a Certificate of Final Inspection will list the Essential Safety Measures that have been deemed applicable to your property by a Registered Building Surveyor.

If those documents aren’t available, you can engage a Registered Building Surveyor (RBS) to prepare a Maintenance Determination/Schedule for the property.  This will list all ESMs that are relevant to the property, based on an inspection of the property by the RBS.


When the information above is available here’s what needs to be actioned:

  • a maintenance schedule can be established
  • your contractors engaged for Fire, Exit & Emergency light testing, and everything else.
  • the inspections/testing or maintenance is to be carried out in the required timeframe.
  • on top of that, you’ll need to follow up with contractors, obtain service records and attend to any items that are faulty.
  • maintain an Essential Safety Measures log book.
  • The Annual Essential Safety Measures Report is then prepared prior to the anniversary of the Occupancy Permit, Certificate of Final Inspection or Maintenance Determination EVERY YEAR.
  • The Annual ESM Report should be displayed in a prominent position near the entry to the building.
  • Maintenance records are to be kept for 10 years and made available to Council or any other Authority that asks to see them.

Often, building owners aren’t aware of their responsibilities or Essential Safety Measures requirements.  This exposes owners, occupants and the building itself to significant risk as we’ve discussed in previous Articles in this series.

The Victorian Building Authority website is a good resource for building owners and can help you understand building regulations, the requirements for Essential Safety Measures and how they relate to you and your property.

Management of Essential Safety Measures can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Our team at Essential Property Solutions is here to help you manage the Essential Safety Measures in your building. We can help you engage contractors to maintain your equipment, as well as conduct Egress inspections and keep your records up to date through our specifically developed system and processes. Most importantly, Essential Property Solutions can assist through this entire process, making it easy for you and taking away the hassle.

Give us a call today to book a free 30-minute no-obligation consultation to discuss your needs.

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