Essential Safety Measures

Building Safety – safe, compliant and well-maintained buildings provide owners, and occupants a secure environment to live, work and play.

The Essential Property Solutions Team know how to tame this complex area that’s governed by Building Regulations and they provide a holistic solution that works for everyone. Focusing on helping you manage your building safety, specifically around the Essential Safety Measures in your building as well as meeting compliance regulations ensures that you’ve done everything to meet the mandatory requirements under the Building Regulations.

The Essential Safety Measures (ESM) services offered by the Essentials Team ensures your building is maintained to the relevant Regulations, with each client receiving individual solutions to meet each and every need.

As the owner or manager, you’re responsible for the building compliance and building safety, with the help of the Essential Property Solutions services it’s simple and easy to manage the compliance of your building. Every building is different, and although it can be an overwhelming task, the team at Essential Property Solutions are here to be the helping hand you need.

Essential Safety Measures

Essential Safety Measures (ESM) often called Essential Services, refers to the fire and safety elements needed to maintain building safety and protect those inside. Essential Safety Measures are wide ranging, and vary building to building.  They include fire safety equipment, alarm systems, exit signage, emergency lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and regular egress inspections, to name a few.

Essential Safety Measures specific to your building can be found on your Occupancy Permit, Certificate of Final Inspection or Maintenance Determination, which must be prepared by a Registered Building Surveyor. The Essential Property Solutions team can assist you with this process.




The goal at Essential Property Solutions is to assist you with your building compliance obligations, which should be a high priority for ALL building owners and managers. Compliance is mandatory, no owner or manager wants an infringement notice, fines or penalties from the authorities, or worse, to be held responsible for an injury or death of someone in their building or a passerby. So, the Essentials Team is here to provide you with accurate and reliable solutions.

If you’re a building owner and your building does not meet regulation requirements, you could be responsible for putting your occupants, and those around you, at risk. Building safety and minimising risk are our highest priority.


Annual Reports

At Essential Property Solutions, we recognise and value the trust each client places in our hands and make it our mission to provide the highest quality services.

An Annual Essential Safety Measures Report is required for each property under the Building Regulations. The service and maintenance records held by the Essentials Team, in their specifically developed system, form the basis of that Report. They prepare the Annual ESM Report, which is evidence that ALL the Essential Safety Measures, the fire and safety elements in the building have been maintained to the required standards for the previous 12 month period.